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Why Ballpoint Pens Work – even Today

Of the various creations of man, it should be the ballpoint pen that has witnessed various alterations and patents taken over it over by different individuals with every new change which came on it. Ballpoint pens came as a different form with its own benefits in an era when fountain pens were enjoying undivided need and attention from its users. Being low maintenance and less messy, it only took a short time to make its mark in the field of writing.

Many people do not walk around without a ballpoint pen tucked into their bags or briefcase; some even carry all the colors. Suitable, simple-to-use and affordable, this writing tool has enabled countless individuals over the world to get rid of fussy fountain pens.

Ballpoint pens use a tiny rotating ball at the tip of the pen that propagates the ink on the paper following the pattern you choose to write each character onto the paper. The ink is kept within a reservoir, which is normally a thin tube that’s constructed from plastic. The ink that coming from such pens dries quickly on the paper and so there is no spillage. As much as the ball rotates freely, it is still held tight by a socket. The rolling mechanics of these ballpoint pens puts the ink on the paper while sealing the ink from drying inside the filler.

It’s clear what makes the ballpoint pens different from the fountain pens.

o You do not need to fill it up with ink each time you write but you can use it for days.

o You get a consistent writing without overflow of ink all over the place. Therefore, your paper remains neat.

o When you run out of ink, you can simply throw it away and get a brand new one. Ballpoint pens are a whole lot cheaper than fountain pens.

o It is possible to write much quicker with ballpoint pens compared to with the fountain pens.

o Ballpoint pens have inks of a wide variety of colors. They may also come with or without caps. Pens without caps operate on the retreating technology in which you press the knob in the rear tip of this pen and the nib will come out in the opposite end.

o Today, you can find ballpoint pens in different types like erasable pens, simple grip pens, space pens etc. Various businesses have brought innovative designs and technology in the industry. Most of them may be readily browsed and bought online without having to even leave your house.

It’s true that writing has become less with the increased use of computers, and I-pads. Yet, nothing has up to now replaced the ballpoint pens which you can utilize to scribble something quickly or put your ideas down on your personal journal.

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